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omoas mission is to create an open source cartographic visualization framework that enables programmers and cartographers to

  • visualize geospatial and statistical data
  • support research in geovisualization
  • publish and augment cartographic legacy.

~omoa is a verb in the Swahili language. It means: to display, to reveal, bring to light. But also: to stir up and to cause unrest. By publishing omoa we hope to enable you to create persuasive thematic maps.

omoa is a set ActionScript 3 interfaces, classes and data structures to support the development of cartographic

  • web, mobile & desktop apps
  • information appliances
  • CD / DVD ROM publications.

omoa is not a software application for end users …but may help you to create one. It’s not a map server …but may substitute one. It contains no map data …but you may bring your own data or use third party data.